About Us

Belle L’Amour – Beautiful Love!! – Why??

I have always known that there is more to life than average and I try to set myself new challenges all the time.  Some of the biggest of all and those which, are hardest of all: -

1.              To love and be kind to myself;

2.              To take the time each day to look around and to thank the world for my family and the wonderful gifts around me;

3.              To enjoy the little things;

4.              To fight fear;

5.              To explore new adventures and possibilities;

6.              To remember that the difference between failure and success is just how we dust ourselves down and get back on our feet;

7.              To love and nurture my partner;

8.              To embrace my sexuality and to explore my senses;

9.              To give back;

10.           To remind myself that it is not what other people think that matters but what makes my partner and I and of course our family happy that counts.

The list if I am honest is endless and I could go on for hours but the essence of who I am and how I live is there.

I am, for all intent and purposes someone I think you would describe as feminine.  I love being a woman and I love all the treats that it brings with it.

When I wake in the morning I dress in a way that satisfies me.  In a way, that gives me confidence and reflects my mood for the day.  In my world that starts with incredible underwear! If I am feeling fierce I might wear red or back, gentle then florals and soft fabrics. It is this, which led me to start this journey of discovery and as a direct result Belle L’Amour is going to undergo major transformation over the next 12 months – the aim, to bring you a lingerie range that suits all shapes and sizes, all moods and all occasions.

Coupled with this I want to do something outside the box – I want to bring romance back to the adult world – I know how can I do that right!? 

The truth is that there are too many of us that want to explore different experiences and sensations with our partner but we are nervous or afraid of the stigma.  I want to help you with your fears. 

The solution; baby steps and a place were you can shop safely, confidentially and most importantly of all somewhere that you can reach out to me and I will try to help answer any questions that you might have.

Belle L’Amour wants to combine romance, sexiness and a thirst for exploration and I hope to do that by bringing you weekends away, flowers, perfumes, aftershaves, underwear, candles, massage oils, gift boxes (for your loved and lusted ones ;-)) and items that allow you at a level only you choose, to explore your inner self with your partner, multiple partners or on your own.

I hope that I can support you on a lifelong journey of self-discovery, that you will reach out if you have questions and if you have thoughts or suggestions about how I can make our site more accommodating that you will get in touch. 

Be Strong, follow your desires, live the life you want and above all, …Be Brave and Dress from the Inside Out!

I will be in touch soon.

Samantha X